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    With a great passion for catering and our daily commitment, we help our customers to become more successful.

    Our sales team

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    With our distillery, we cover the entire process involved in producing a distillate and have built up the necessary know-how over recent decades. The countless awards which we have won show that we have mastered the art of distillation.

    Our awards

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    As a leading supplier to the Swiss spirits market, DIWISA has built up brands which are now some of the most high-selling ones in the world. TROJKA is the leading brand in this respect.

    Our brands

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    With great entrepreneurial vigour, the DIWISA company has been trading independently and autonomously on the market for almost 100 years and has overcome every challenge it has faced.

    Our history

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    With our intuition for identifying our customers’ needs, we want to react quickly to their requirements by offering matching products and services.

    Our marketing

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