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A glance at Japan: The Japanese like it fruity!

The fruit liquor Karibso is a hit in Japan, where it’s even an ingredient in food – albeit under a different name, since Karibso in Japan is marketed under the brands Kingston and Regina. The fruit liquor is sold by Dover Distilleries Ltd. in Tokyo. Here is something about Dover and the way the liquor is used in Japan.



Dover Ltd. is an importer of liquors from 30 overseas producers, most of whom are in the EU. Its production division, Dover Distilleries Ltd., produces some 200 types of own-brand brandies, spirits and liquors at its two distilleries located in Western and Eastern Japan: the Kobe-Sanda Distillery and the Kanagawa-Atsugi Distillery.

Thanks to its wide-ranging portfolio of 400-plus imported and domestic spirits, Dover is able to meet the ever-evolving and diverse demands of its customers. Alongside DIWISA’s Kingston- and Regina-branded products, Dover also imports Grand Marnier, Mandarin Napoleon, Negrita, Luxardo and Rémy Martin, to name but a few.

The company has won the trust and support of professional barkeepers thanks to its ability to offer wide-ranging product lines. At the same time, it fulfils another important role in the Japanese market by supplying spirits to the baked goods and gastronomy markets in a bid to rejuvenate them and attract a more discerning clientele.

Shinjuku TAKANO


Shinjuku Takano, founded in 1885, is specialized in luxury fruit gifts and desserts featuring fresh fruits. Its flagship store is situated in the heart of Shinjuku, the world’s busiest rail station with over 3.6 million commuters daily. Other stores and cafés occupy 37 locations nationwide. Since it is customary in Japan to offer luxury fruit as gifts to important persons, the beautiful displays feature an array of exquisite fruit packed in attractive gift boxes, with all the appearance of glittering jewelry.

Regina White Peach, along with other Kingston liquors, is widely used in syrups and creams for cakes, as well as desserts and jellies, which Shinjuku Takano develops and produces inhouse. The company’s product development manager says that the liquor mirrors the delectable taste of the fruit it accompanies without smothering it. With their straightforward, natural aromas, Regina liquors appeal to the Japanese palate, so even though they were originally marketed to the cocktail segment, they are perfect for cakes and pastries as well.



The Kingston series is widely known in Japan’s HoReCa segment for its luscious tropical liquors, which are made in Switzerland and come in beautiful frosted bottles. HUB, one of the best known British-style pub chains in Japan, is no exception in that regard: Kingston Passion has been a key ingredient in its popular cocktails for more than 15 years.

Among the numerous draft beers, wines, spirits and cocktails on its menu, Kingston Passion is used in its Dynamite Kid cocktail (53.8% ABV). Of the five products categorized as “hard cocktails”, it has arguably been the most popular for the past 15 years. Consisting of vodka (82% ABV), Kingston Passion and grapefruit juice, this shooter is undoubtedly strong, but definitely popular, and has an excellent reputation for its clean aftertaste, fruity flavor and smooth palate.