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Staff responsibility

At DIWISA, we have a flat organisational structure that promotes outstanding commitment and independent thinking among our staff members. With each individual feeling responsible for his or her division, they all make a significant contribution to the company’s development.

Attractive employer

DIWISA is a popular employer that attracts applicants from far beyond the region. Our team enjoys unequalled advantages. Aside from performing their normal duties, staff members are also actively involved in the creation of innovations. The accountant may, for instance, initiate a new wellness drink, or the driver may suggest a new shot with a double chamber. The gestation of such innovative ideas requires a positive work climate and outstanding staff motivation. The high level of motivation among our staff is further boosted by our provision of free non-alcoholic drinks, subscriptions for fitness studios, vouchers for local tennis courts and weekly visits by a masseur.

Investment in training

DIWISA specifically invests in the training of own junior staff. The company has held a license to train specialised food production engineers for five years now. The training course, which focuses on the manufacture and bottling of spirits, promotes both personal growth and the growth of the company. While the trainers reflect deeply on their work in order to pass on knowledge, the trainees put their trainers in contact with new trends taught at the vocational colleges.