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fritz-kola and DIWISA enjoying refreshments together


Willisau, 15.11.2020 – The leading supplier in the Swiss spirits market, DIWISA, and market leader in the craft kola and lemonade sector will be joining forces on the Swiss market from 15 November 2020. Along with the classic kolas, the fritz-limo and fritz-spritz brands will be an ideal complement to the DIWISA portfolio of regional and international brands as well as the company’s own brands.



With fritz-kola, DIWISA has acquired another strong partner and brand for its non-alcoholic product portfolio, enabling it to provide the Swiss catering sector with an even better and more comprehensive service.

About fritz-kola

“We can do better than that,” two friends said to each other and scraped together a few thousand euros starting capital to found the project fritz-kola in a hall of residence in Hamburg-Othmarschen in 2002.

Their mission: to create a new kola better than anything the big soda companies had to offer. No sooner said than done.

Mirco and Lorenz met as children while they were in the scouts. On an Interrail tour in 1999, they decided they would become self-employed. They kept an idea booklet in which business models from their own bar to the team of cleaners were recorded. They wanted to do something concrete as neither of them would feel at home in a purely virtual world. Apart from that, they wanted it to have something to do with a life of fun where lots of time can be spent in appealing cafés. In the kitchen, over a frozen pizza and a coke, they suddenly had the idea of developing a kola that would be better than that of the market leader. A kola with lots of caffeine, less sweet than the original, and with a hint of lemon.

To cover the project’s capital requirements, the two emptied their building society accounts and launched the company fritz-kola with around 7,000 euros.

After extensive research into recipes for kola, they tried to buy the ingredients in pharmacies in Hamburg. After a few minor setbacks and then with a little help, they succeeded in developing a recipe for kola. Pragmatic considerations went into the creation of the logo and the name fritz-kola. They did not have enough money to have a logo developed and legally verified. So instead they used their own faces as a logo. Because they knew they certainly had the right to those! They had several ideas about what to call their kola and so ended up asking passers-by outside a shopping centre for their opinions. They were looking for a positive-sounding, catchy and natural name. And at the end of the day, the north German name Fritz came out on top.