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Thomas Henry Coffee Tonic


t’s flavourful, stimulating and intense in taste: cold brew is the coffee drink you need to try. But make no mistake – cold brew is way more than just the sum of its parts. To create it, we spent hours carefully extracting the fine, yet full flavour out of our Latin American 100% Arabica beans using cold water. That’s how a well-made cold brew acquires its elegant, subtle acidity and unobtrusive bitterness.

So is that all there is to this story? Of course not! As a matter of fact, cold brew has proven itself an excellent partner in crime to our popular Tonic Water. These two headstrong ingredients make for harmonious yet independent flavours in one bottle. We’re proud to present the result: Thomas Henry Coffee Tonic. Our coffee tonic tastes great on ice and fits perfectly with spirits like rum or liquors containing bitter or herbal notes. It is intense, powerful, and tangy.

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