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Russian Standard Vodka Original

Russia’s Number 1 Vodka is based on the original 1894 recipe by Dmitri I. Mendeleev and is recognized in his homeland as a benchmark for excellence. For the production of RUSSIAN STANDARD Original, only the finest ingredients are used, such as winter wheat from the fertile black soil of Russia’s southern area and the crystal-clear, mineral-rich waters of Lake Ladoga located in Siberia. Produced in St. Petersburg, RUSSIAN STANDARD Original is distilled four times and filtered many more which creates its unique taste. Exceptionally mild with a slight wheat aroma, this premium vodka from St. Petersburg will impress you whether straight, on the rocks, or as the basis for long drinks and cocktails such as the refreshing Moscow Mule. available in 0.7l, 0.05l, 1.5l, 3l

Alcohol strength
Available as
70cl / 150cl / 300cl
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