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Isola Verde Liqueur Amaretto

Amaretto is an Italian liquor made from almonds and / or apricot kernels, refined with spices such as vanilla. The taste, for which benzaldehyde (artificial bitter almond oil) is largely responsible, is strongly reminiscent of marzipan. Amaretto is normally drunk neat, or sometimes also with ice or as a mixed drink. Apple or cherry juice is often used for the mix. There is also Amaretto Sour, which is mixed with lemon juice. In addition, it can be simply warmed up and decorated with whipped cream, or can be drunk as an added ingredient, for example, with coffee, hot chocolate, mulled wine, etc. The typical flavour of Amaretto can also be detected in Amarettini, an Italian pastry. A common variant of the dessert Tiramisu also contains Amaretto.

Alcohol strength
Available as
70cl / 10l
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